Promote The Truth is unlike any podcast you’ve ever heard before. If you are on a spiritual or enlightenment journey, this is the place for you. If you're on a sincere "truth journey" and can feel you need more answers, this is the place for you. If you've ever had prayers go unanswered and knew that you should have received an answer, then more than likely you've been calling on the wrong Name, and have yet to enter into a covenant relationship with the True Creator of all, YAHUAH. We'll show you how to simply fix this problem. It will become common sense to you. On this podcast, you will be given accurate information about the Creator, YAHUAH, and His way to Eternal Life. We know that getting accurate information on the TRUTH is extremely difficult, but we’ve simplified it for our listeners to engage and fully understand the truth. All our research is backed up by some of the earliest and/or original scripture text available. Are you ready to hear some of the most powerful, life-altering spiritual information ever? See you on the next episode of the Promote The Truth Podcast!

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Promote The Truth

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